About Us - Vegetables

What triggered us?

About us… where should we start. We all belong to different walks of life and used to play different roles in the society. But our thoughts converged onto the common topic which used to haunt our minds, how to create some difference.

As we all possess agrarian ancestry and had experienced the toxic quality of fruits and vegetables available at the markets and malls, we decided to match both and come up with a platform which would take care of both the issues.

Though there are many government initiatives, still the farmers do not receive their dues for the long chain existing from the farm to the consumer’s doorstep; leave aside the exploitation from the middle-men.

How it works?

The present supply chain of vegetables and fruits passes through myriad of hands before it reaches us. Due to this, the farmers do not receive proportionate price for their labor, and the consumers shed extra bucks for the sub-standard fruits and vegetables.

Our intention at Subzi Wale is to get away with the long chain and source fresh fruits vegetables directly from the farms and deliver at consumers’ doorsteps.

From farmer to customer
From farmer to customer

Our Vision

Develop an ecosystem of farmer-consumer relationship which can guide the support system of the farmers and achieve the best consumer experience both in terms of price and quality.

Our mission

Quality of fruits and vegetables should be maintained to drive the satisfaction level of the consumers

Build the socio-economic strata for the farmers to supply optimum products. Encourage and incentivise the growth and better living standards of the farmers.

Our conviction

  • Fresh and quality products delivered
  • Variety to choose from
  • Fair price guaranteed
  • Professional team with in-depth market experience
  • Door-step delivery
  • Deliver in time with a smile
  • Hygienic and better delivery system
  • Customer support
  • Upliftment and social support for the small and marginalized farmers
  • Reduction of wastage due to inefficient post-harvesting facilities